Designer DIY tutorial - Blisslau slave bracelet

I first discovered Blisslau while internet window shopping on Bonadrag. While simple in construction (made almost exclusively from chain, beads and jump rings), Blisslau body jewelry stands out from other accessories by blurring the distinction between clothing and jewelry with unusually shaped, voluminous cage dresses, vests, cuffs and sleeves.


Inspired by, but not totally into the cage concept, I opted to DIY one of their simpler designs, a bracelet-ring hybrid, occasionally known as a "slave bracelet".

The inspiration: the Blisslau four-fingered web bracelet and single web bracelet


Materials: 4 jump rings (+1 for each additional ring), 1 lobster claw clasp

Tools: round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire cutters

Procedure: The basic idea is simple—make a ring, make a bracelet, connect the the ring and bracelet with jump rings and chain. But for those of you who want a breakdown, here are the specific steps!

  1. Measure the length of chain appropriate for your wrist and cut it with wire cutters. You want the bracelet kind of loose (it moves around a bit), so make sure the length is loose enough to slide 3 fingers in.
  2. Using pliers, attach a jump ring (JR#1 & JR#2) to each end of the wrist-length chain.
  3. To one of these jump rings (JR#1 or JR#2), attach a lobster claw clasp.
  4. Fold the chain in half to determine the central point, and using wire cutters, cut the central chain link.
  5. Reconnect these two pieces with a jump ring (JR#3).
  6. Measure another length of chain that will extend from your wrist to the base of your finger (where the ring will sit). We’ll call this the connector chain.
  7. Attach this connector chain to the central wrist jump ring (JR#3) to create a 3-way intersection of chains.
  8. To the other end of this connector chain, attach another jump ring (JR#4).
  9. Measure the circumference of the base of the finger that the ring will sit on. Like with the wrist, you want some loose flexibility, so measure on the more generous side. Cut the length of chain.
  10. Attach the two sides of the ring chain to the jump ring attached to the connector chain (JR#4).
  11. Repeat steps 6-10 for each additional ring connection you’d like.

(Still a bit confused? See these tutorials for the “how to” of basic jewelry making skills and more about tools: opening and closing jump rings, jewelry making tools)


Total cost: $4.25 for 12” brass chain + $0.20 for 4 jump rings + $0.25 for 1 lobster claw clasp = $4.70

Total time: 1 hour

… Don’t you just love that “Damn the man” feeling associated with making a designer-inspired item for 1/10th of the price?

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